Jeroen Smits

Social researcher with a passion for database building

How to use EDUCOEF

EDUCOEF is designed to assist researchers, policy makers and other users in diagnosing problems with primary school enrolment within sub-national regions (henceforth called ‘districts’) of African countries.

Whereas other websites provide information on the size of problems (in the form of indicators), EDUCOEF goes further by providing information that helps to understand the underlying causes of problems (in the form of coefficients).

By entering the name of a country and of a district within that country, the user obtains information on primary school enrolment and coefficients of the major risk factors for non-enrolment in that district.

The enrolment information provides insight into the size of the problem in the district. It is based on the most recent available household survey for the country.

The coefficients are the central diagnostic instrument. They show which risk factors are most strongly associated with educational enrolment in the district and hence on which factors policy makers should focus for developing effective policy measures.