Jeroen Smits

Social researcher with a passion for database building


Data for Sustainable Development

DevDat is a data expertise center specialized in data enrichment, subnational indicators and research focused on low and middle income countries (LMICs).

Our indicators at the level of provinces and small-area grids reveal variation within and between countries regarding wealth, poverty, education, health, gender, infrastructure, corruption and vulnerability.

We provide a unique window to the developing world through which major developments can be observed and analyzed with a degree of detail that has never been possible before.

Aims & Opportunities

Creating detailed overview scans of regions for political or humanitarian purposes, including monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals.

Analyzing and monitoring large-scale demographic, socio-economic, behavioral, political, cultural, health, institutional and environmental changes taking place throughout the developing world.

Connecting human-system data at small-area level with earth-system data on the physical, geographical and biological environment in which people live to study (hu)man-environment interactions.

Project examples

Development of subnational indicators for monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals in Somalia. These indicators are available in the Somalia Goaltracker.

Background study on subnational human development for the 2019 Human Developmernt Report of the United Nations Development Programme:"Beyond income, beyond averages, beyond today: Inequalities in human development in the 21st century". Find report here.

Development of subnational indicators for the Palestine Territories and Gaza for the UNDP report: Gaza War: Expected Socio-Economic Impacts on the State of Palestine, November 2023. Find report here.